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What does HOAM do to create community for men and develop them into character-driven leaders?


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Our eight-part strategy has been developed to address the complexity of men's lives:

  • Bible Study

  • Heart Groups

  • Large Group Events

  • 1:1 Life Coaching

  • Life Skills Workshops

  • HOAM Work

  • Leader Training

  • Fitness

Working under the authority of the local church, these elements work together to help men build both strong community and lifelong friendships.

Men's Bible Study

Come together with 150-250 other men to study the Bible in small groups and learn from dynamic teachers with the large group. All small groups are run by trained facilitators, utilizing weekly lessons to foster deeper discussion.

"Heart" Small Groups

This is where we get in the emotional weight room with 5-6 other men to process the daily stuff of life and go deep with trusted friends.

Large Group Events

There's no better place to come meet us, get plugged in, hang out at a massive bonfire, eat smoked BBQ, compete, bring friends, serve others, and have a good time!

1-1 Life Coaching

We all go through times where we need seasoned veterans who can help guide us. We help connect you to the right coach in whatever stage of life you're in.

Life Skills Workshops

We offer training courses in everything from studying the Bible using our Deep Waters Journal, to intentional dating and preparation for marriage, to learning how to be an effective mentor. These basic skills help men navigate life equipped with a set of tools to do so with excellence.

Leadership Training

We differentiate ourselves through training and development of all of our leaders to facilitate small groups and heart groups effectively. We're continually developing our feedback loop to improve our leaders, classes and content.

"HOAM Work"

We believe the Bible calls us to serve the widows and orphans. Through this initiative, we partner with the local church to mobilize men to serve widows and the widow-like in our communities through helping them with home repairs and other needs. Our goal is to fill the void where a man are no longer present.

Fitness & Physical Health

Part of our holistic health is physical fitness. We both encourage men to stay active and offer numerous opportunities for men to work out together... another place where bonds and friendships start to form.


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