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Where did this begin? Over the past 30 years, Bill Moore has spent thousands of hours growing men, building and leading a food manufacturing company called PacMoore, integrating faith into the workplace, while always raising a Christ-centered family. Through all of this, he saw the world's desperate need for leaders to prioritize and grow men. In seeing the transformation of hundreds of men through Bible Study Fellowship, Promise Keepers, the Townsend Leadership program, church small groups, prayer, fitness, large events, 1-on-1 mentorship, and leadership training, Bill took his next step of faith and prayerfully combined his extensive experience into a program that holistically meets the needs of men through intentional community, brotherhood, faith in Jesus, and physical health. Heart of a Man is that culmination. This is the beginning of that work and prayerfully, we will see America begin to shift into a generation of men guided by faith, integrity, and character, re-building the American family.

Our nation is changing. The world is becoming more interconnected, and in the process, men somehow got lost. We grew more isolated than ever before, we abandoned faith and community believing that we could muster up the strength to go through the battles of life alone, we accepted addictions as a way of life, and we lost our true north in how we lead our families. We believe this must change. And CAN change.

We exist to see men thrive. The world has told us that men are of lesser value. We fundamentally disagree. We believe that every human has dignity and worth as a child of God, and exist to equip men with everything they need to lead well, love well, and serve well.

When men get better, we all get better. We believe this deeply at HOAM. Men have the capacity to create the foundational security of a home for their kids... or abandon them. Men are able to rescue the hurting and the broken... or cause hurt and pain. The words of men can be used to ignite passion, fervor, and excellence in the men and women around them... or use words to tear down. Men are powerful, and we exist to call men up to a higher standard, run alongside each other as brothers, pursue excellence in community and faith together, and harness the power within us to bring everyone around us up.

WHAT DO WE DO at heart of a man?

1-1 Life Coaching

We all go through times where we need seasoned veterans who can help guide us. We help connect men for the purpose of short and long-term discipleship, mentorship, friendship, and life coaching across everything from marriage to finances to finding a job.

Life Skills Workshops

We offer training courses in everything from studying the Bible using our Deep Waters Journal, to intentional dating and preparation for marriage, to learning how to be an effective mentor. These basic skills help men navigate life equipped with a set of tools to do so with excellence.

Large Group Events

There's no better place to come meet us, get plugged in, hang out at a massive bonfire, eat smoked BBQ, compete, bring friends, serve others, and have a good time! We host all sorts of events throughout the year to give men and their families opportunities to connect with us and others in the community.

Men's Bible Study

Come together with hundreds of other men to study the Bible in small groups and learn from dynamic teachers with the large group. All small groups are run by trained facilitators, utilizing weekly lessons to foster deeper discussion.


We believe the Bible calls us to serve the widows and orphans. Through this initiative, we partner with the local church to mobilize men to serve widows and the widow-like in our communities through helping them with home repairs and other needs. Our goal is to fill the void where a man are no longer present.

Leadership Training

"Heart" Small Groups

 Having Fun

We differentiate ourselves through training and development of all of our leaders to facilitate small groups and heart groups effectively. We're continually developing our feedback loop to improve our leaders, classes and content.

Heart Groups are designed to help men process and grow through childhood pain and life-long trauma through discipleship and Biblical wisdom. We teach the language of emotion and provide space with 5-6 other men to process the daily stuff of life and go deep with trusted friends.

Men build friendships through growing in faith and character together, as well as doing things that are adventurous, exciting, relaxing, physically demanding, competitive and filled with good food. We like to supplement intentional growth activities with fun ones as well!




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