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Heart of a Man: What's Going On With Men?

Updated: Sep 2, 2021

It's 2020. A new decade. And the world has changed a LOT.

Have you taken a moment to really look at the state of men in America right now? Have you read or thought about what's going on, the changes that have taken place, the "de-masulating"of men happening, the re-defining of what manhood even means... we're in a crazy world right now where men are not being celebrated, we're not being told we have significance or purpose.... and the fact is, we're more broken, lost, and lonely than ever before.

“When men get better, we all get better.”

The lie that we can muster up the strength to tackle life alone is being believed at record levels right now and men are bearing the blunt of it. Woman come by this all naturally; they converse, they sit and share their hearts with other women... it's comfortable and normal for them to do so.

Somewhere along the way though, men lost this. "Masculinity" become a thinly-veiled mask behind which men never let down pride or allow other men to see them for who they truly are. And the real lie we've believed in the midst of this:

"I can thrive without being known"

There is nothing more untrue. Male suicide rates are sky-rocketing, especially in teenage boys. Divorce has crippled a generation of boys and girls who have grown up without any sense of foundational security in their homes. And the result is a lost generation who either believe they must tackle life alone, or just grin and bear it and close themselves off out of fear of being left.

We're in bad shape, guys. I know you feel it too.

The shame of pornography, the video game addiction, the extraordinary freedom of speech that comes with computer screens, brokenness and hurt from the church, they've created lonely men with quite literally nowhere to turn.

But there is hope.

It has been years now of my family seeing men come together, grow closer with a crew of brothers, feel a barrier holding them back from sharing the depths of what they're thinking, feeling, and processing... and after weeks, months and sometimes years, something gives. We reach a point of vulnerability where what needs to be said cannot be held back any longer and it comes gushing out.

Those are the moments where everything changes. That's where we experience freedom, not just from "sin", but from isolation, from shame, from the bonds of simply not feeling truly known by ANYone!

We've created Heart of a Man out of our own need for men to come around us and walk through life with us. We know with absolute certainty that most men feel this need deep in their souls as well.

We are here.

Come by a part of the movement; the movement towards community, the movement towards "better", the movement towards freedom, the movement towards Jesus.

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